Your accountant will file VAT forms quarterly. If the VAT tax you've paid is less than the VAT tax you've received, you will be charged immediately for this difference. If it is more, this refund carries over to the next quarter. At the year end, the final balance is made, and if the VAT tax you've paid is still more than the VAT tax received, then you should ask to the Tax Agency for the difference, although it takes a long while to received.


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ADP Streamline

ADP Employer Services International provides multi-country payroll outsourcing services through ADP Streamline®.

RH Rosclar is a local partner of ADP Streamline® in Spain.

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ISAE 3402

International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) No. 3402.

You can download a copy of ISAE 3402 from the IFAC website here.

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