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Rosclar is meant to be to help clients in their Payroll | Tax | Company Set up in Spain | Labour Legal Advice needs.

Rosclar commitment with clients on their Payroll needs is complete. We helps form the process prespective, technology prespective. We are payroll Specilist, with a brand new set of controls that improve the quality of the output. Focus on international or multinational enviroments. With expertise on integration, General Ledger automatization, payroll queries, RSU, Stock Options, ESPP and any short of detail you can inmagine on the Payroll in Spain.

Can rely also on us for any Legal Labour need you may face, contract specifics, court trials, and any doubt that will requiere a lawyer to help you.

Great expertise in Company Set up in Spain. We can guide on subsidiary, branch or PE.

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Eduard Vinyeta · Rosclar

Eduard Vinyeta



Ceo at ROSCLAR a company oriented to client satisfaction in the Payroll environment. Innovation, technology and quality are the key elements that drive our client happiness.

“We are here to help you, even if you are a tiny corporation or a large corporation, in all your Spanish payroll needs. I’m ready to work with you and you can benefit from our technology and processes. With us, you will never walk alone.”


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