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celia valero

In this exclusive interview, we will review the distinguished professional career and the key skills of Celia Valero, Payroll Manager in Rosclar’s Production 2 Department.

With a solid background in Employment Relations and Prevention of Occupational Risks, Celia has established herself as a specialist in payroll management and calculation. Over and above her responsibilities as a payroll manager, she is highly proficient in the planning of daily and monthly tasks for the team, providing her colleagues with vital support when it is most needed.

We have also discovered a more personal side of Celia: she admits to having a passion for interior design. This unique and creative interest adds a fascinating dimension to Celia Valero’s experience and personality, which we will explore in the course of this interview.

When and how did you begin to work at ROSCLAR?

In January 2024, I completed 10 years at Rosclar.
When I look back, it feels like these 10 years have gone by in a flash. People say that time passes quickly when you’re enjoying yourself and you feel fulfilled, and I definitely agree with this!
Before arriving at Rosclar, I worked for another company in the same sector, but I needed a change – I wanted to feel more at home in my work. When I came across Rosclar, right from the first interview I had the impression I was going to find what I was looking for here, and I wasn’t wrong: Rosclar is one big family.

What does being a Payroll Manager at Rosclar involve? / What is your speciality?

When I made the change from Payroll Specialist to Payroll Manager, almost five years ago now, I gained experience in payroll management and knowledge of the needs of the different types of client that we deal with.
This, as well as becoming familiar with how we work at Rosclar and the different ways in which we set out to achieve goals, gave me a solid base from which to carry out my new functions.
A Payroll Manager at Rosclar is both accommodating and giving. These are the two key aspects of their work. They take the members of the Team under their wing, plan tasks, and play an accompanying and guiding role in processes when this is required, with the aim of achieving productivity, implementing improvements, and offering satisfactory services and results for both clients and the Company itself, while never losing sight of the value of the Team and the feeling of working as a unit.

Can you describe a typical day for you at ROSCLAR?

I begin the day with all my attention focused on evaluating the workload faced by the Team that particular day.
The first task of my day at Rosclar is usually checking what new tasks we have to perform and which ones remain outstanding from previous days. I then distribute these among the various members of the Team with the aim of closing deliveries and any matters out of the ordinary that may arise. In doing this, communication between all colleagues is vital; it is important to fully understand the volume of work we have and distribute it equally. There are two Payroll Managers in each Production Team, so there are 9 of us, and we manage a large number of clients. We evaluate this initial workload for the day between the two of us, and then it’s a question of carrying out all the payroll management and calculation tasks assigned corresponding to those clients for whom I am their contact at Rosclar, by compiling and processing data. As I do this, I apply the constant updates to employment legislation and I advise the clients. I also offer support to all Rosclar’s departments, if this is required.

As a key member of our team, your role involves process management in a highly complex company. Can you share with us how the effective implementation of organisation and controls contributes to making sure our clients feel exceptionally well looked after during their experience with us? Are there specific strategies that you find particularly effective in this respect?

The fascinating thing about Rosclar is the continuous development of applications that make our everyday tasks easier and the constant focus on continuous improvement, the aim of which is to achieve a higher degree of efficiency, control and security for our company and our clients.
I have directly experienced the growth of control and quality processes over the course of these 10 years, and I greatly admire how they have been conceived and developed within Rosclar. At present, we have several applications which, together with our know-how in the sector, provide a greater assurance that what we finally deliver will be of unquestionable excellence. Of course, this excellence will also be recognised by the clients, since the results they obtain through the payroll reports give them added value on top of the payroll calculation. At the same time, a good client-supplier relationship is created, in which clients see us as another member of their company, colleagues who are concerned about the well-being of their employees.

What are the biggest challenges of your profession? Or is there any particular success story you would like to share with us?

Ever since I started to work in this sector, I have viewed the payroll management of companies with a large number of employees as a considerable challenge. These are often clients with a large turnover of staff; you have to take account of special characteristics in the calculation of payroll, there will be employment-related queries… and here I feel it will be very useful for them to have a payroll supplier that can give them peace of mind while they face the challenge of management.

I enjoy the analysis of employment conditions and the application of the pertinent regulations and collective agreements; in large companies, these tasks can be highly complex. Afterwards, it is satisfying to see that all the conditions are aligned, and both the client and their employees can understand the changes and they are aware of the care taken in the calculation of the salaries.

What do you value most about working in a company like ROSCLAR?

Rosclar’s motto is “You will never work alone” and this is just how you feel!
All of us play a part in creating a great team.
The different departments at Rosclar are highly coordinated, you can sense a warm working atmosphere, and there is a high degree of professionalism.
Rosclar has grown a lot in the last few years, and my impression is that the philosophy of being one big Family is still very real; there is a joyful spirit of cooperation, support and doing things together… and most importantly, everyone here wants to continue growing and to put forward ideas in the quest for excellence and security. They want to implement changes and new working methods, in order to become more efficient and productive.
We’re open to change… you don’t feel bogged down here, because we want to keep forging ahead.

Do you have any advice for companies that need a payroll service?

Whatever the profile of the company, be it a national company with just a few employees, an international company with work centres in Spain, or a business just starting out, it is a good idea for them to contact Rosclar, because the services we offer run from consultancy at the outset through to assisting them with the intense day-to-day management of their human capital. We customise our work to the needs of the client, and we help them to grasp these needs and bring them to fruition.
It is essential for a company looking for a payroll service to assess the experience and performance of the supplier, and whether this supplier can adapt to the company’s activity.

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