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Anna Mora: “What makes us unique is the way in which we understand our particular business”

Anna Mora doesn’t know what Groundhog Day is. Her working day is never the same. It may begin with a meeting with a client to assess the options of customising a new file that will provide them with detailed information about something key to their management; or perhaps with a whiteboard session, where, together with her colleagues, she will be dissecting an internal process to identify weaknesses and/or opportunities, with an eye for the introduction of technology.

“A restless and enthusiastic perfectionist” is how Anna Mora defines herself. Currently director of projects and business development, it is now 10 years since she started working at Rosclar.


You have now been part of Rosclar’s team for a decade. What was your first day like and what was your initial impression?

It’s not easy to go back a whole decade. It was the 22nd of November 2010 when I walked into the first of the 3 Rosclar offices I have known. There, I was introduced to my 4 colleagues. Together, we made up the entire workforce of the company, a far cry from the 60 or so today.

I can still remember my feeling of excitement at setting out on a new project in a very young company, and from the outset, management communicated their dreams and expectations of growth to me.

Today, I think we all share the feeling that we have achieved much more than we dreamed we could, exceeding our own expectations. And the best thing is, nothing has changed in ten years, insofar as we are still looking for new goals and horizons, and we have never stopped dreaming.


Over the course of these years, the panorama must have changed considerably. Technology has played a key role and continues to do so in our day-to-day lives. What effect has this had on a company like Rosclar?

If you consider how young the company is and the undeniable influence of belonging to a generation that has grown up and matured in parallel with the new technologies, there is no doubt this penetrates the way you do things and the way you understand the business. It’s fundamental to have some solid procedures that give the team security and guarantee the quality of the service. Starting from this principle, including technology at certain points in the processes just comes naturally.

At first, we focused on optimising the time spent on dealing with repetitive tasks that robbed us of time to devote to aspects that are much important and which give the client added value.

In a second phase, much further down the line, we saw all the options and possibilities of automating validation processes that had a direct influence on the quality of the service, including the creation of complex, comprehensive files that are also easy to use. The end of this path is not yet in sight and we are continuing to explore it every day.

Right now, we have some new goals and we are looking at ways of exploiting IA and Big Data options, with the intention of providing our clients with more complete and comprehensive assistance.

I should add that the type of clients for whom we provide a service have concerns about issues such as security, quality, optimisation and continuous improvement, and so we are grateful for those demands that push us to grow and look beyond the short term, to the point that, in some cases, we are the ones who encourage the client to look for improvements in these areas.


What do you like most and least about your work?

I enjoy the feeling that I can be of help and solve the constant challenges I come up against. And when this is accompanied by some words of gratitude from a colleague or a client, telling you they know they can count on you, this is the very best.

On the other hand, what I like least is when you realise that certain problems or situations could have been avoided if only there had been more time or resources. Nevertheless, I always look on these problems as providing a new point of departure with the aim of avoiding their recurrence, and I even try and take a step further and identify new opportunities.


2020 has marked a turning point for all of us due to the SARS COV-2 pandemic. How have you confronted the challenge represented by this change of paradigm?

It has indeed been an ongoing challenge, but fortunately we were prepared in terms of both our structure and resources. In fact, we were proactive and of our own accord we got a head start on the period of confinement, activating our Business Continuity Plan 48 hours before the official announcement came from the government.

When you have some room for manoeuvre, it’s always to your advantage, and so, despite the chaos of the global situation, we have been able to remain organised, maintain procedures and redistribute teams and workloads. In this way, for example, we have been able to cope with the extra volume of constant work entailed in managing the ERTES (labour force adjustment plans) as a result of the pandemic, without our other services being affected.

Our priority at all times has been and continues to be the client. We do everything in our hands to make them feel we are at their side and we understand them, offering advice and a service that complies with our usual standards of quality. Even when legislative and administrative bodies didn’t make things easy and we were facing the unknown, we never failed to assure them we were close at hand.


We are now into the last month of this year and in some ways it seems we have grown used to this situation. Yet during the period of confinement, you had to work remotely, be a mother, act as a teacher, manage the time available and make the very most of it. What did you learn from this situation?

That you can’t control everything, you can’t always achieve everything you want, and it doesn’t matter, it’s OK. The important thing is to surround yourself with good people and professionals in all areas of your life. In this way, if you can’t get there, your colleague will, and vice versa. The period of confinement has confirmed to me that everything is always better in a team, and I’ve realised you also have to value the efforts and sacrifices made by others and never forget to thank them.


And finally, why do you think Rosclar is the best at what it does?

I think what makes us unique is the way in which we understand our particular business, the principal and most important service that we provide being payroll management. This has turned us into experts in complex cases. What’s more, we assign the highest possible amount of the company’s resources to the continuous improvement of processes and the service we offer.

Our vision is global and we go to great lengths to give our clients added value, from the implementation phase through to day-to-day management. In other words, we focus on covering each and every one of the parties involved: Payroll Managers and HR, the finance department, IT and security, and of course, employees and management. Furthermore, our message is very clear: We are here for each and every one of them, and we will do everything possible to help them and attend to their needs and concerns, because with Rosclar you will never work alone.

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