Interview with Natalia Salvia and Javier Martínez, employment consultants and payroll specialists


“When you work at Rosclar, you feel you form part of a company with human values and that everyone’s opinion is important when decisions are taken”


Natalia Salvia and Javier Martínez are recent additions to Rosclar’s team, and now that a few months have passed, we wanted to find out what this period of adaptation in the wake of the pandemic has been like.

We would really like to know what your first day was like and what your initial impression was.


N: I WAS AMAZED. I’d heard a lot about the people who form part of the team at Rosclar and the way that they work here, but without a doubt all my expectations were exceeded.

J: The truth is from the very first moment I felt at home, supported, valued and at ease. I sensed a very warm and healthy working atmosphere. At first, I was supporting the implementation team and now I’m in one of the production teams, “the Winners”.


Can you describe a typical day at the office?


N: I don’t think any two days are alike! Fortunately or unfortunately, we have peak workloads and days of all kinds. But as a general rule, the day begins with an email from the team managers, who distribute the work among the members of the team and follow up on clients from the day before.

The objective of our day to day work is to attend to the client and accompany them in all their tasks or requirements related with the world of labour relations. It is very gratifying to form part – in one way or another – of so many different types of company.

J: Striving for continuous improvement; we have processes that are very specific and which have to be done at a certain time, but I always try and use my experience to improve a process or suggest a change to the client. I like to empathise with people to find out how we can help them to achieve common goals. I’m very organised and I try to be one step ahead of everything, but every day is different and a challenging situation always come up. I love it!


Now that we have got over the most difficult period of the pandemic with respect to work, have things returned to normal (in terms of client relations, the workload, way of working…)?


N: The workload has dropped quite a lot compared with the workload during the pandemic, when the sheer volume of regulations and the uncertainty of the situation made it difficult to cope with the avalanche of ERTEs (temporary layoffs) we had to deal with.

J: There are still a great many companies affected by the new situation; some sectors have been very hard hit, while others have considerably reduced their activity. For our part, we try to help in whatever way we can.

N: The way in which we work has indeed changed, for now we work remotely two or three days a week. However, this change has also given us new tools and methods of communication; we have seen that these help us a lot in our day to day work, and they can even bring us closer to our colleagues.

Little by little, things appear to be getting back to normal and our clients’ situation is also becoming more stable.

J: Yes, just as Natalia says, we’ve made progress with respect to communication, with many more channels that make it easy to stay in close contact with clients.


What’s it like working in the Production 2 team? What does your work consist of?


N: Do you remember Barça under Guardiola? Touch the ball and pass the ball with all the players in the team perfectly choreographed?

Well, it’s like that. There are 9 of us instead of 11, and each one of us has a role and a portfolio assigned to us, but we all work towards the same goal: to cover the client’s monthly needs with respect to their payroll and all aspects of labour relations. And it’s the same with the remaining departments, with which we work in perfect harmony and coordination: Social Security and the Legal department.

J: Exactly. Relations are very good in the team. We share our doubts, knowledge and experience, and we work in coordination with other departments in the management of recurring tasks or on specific projects.


What three things have you learnt as a result of the last year?


J: I feel comfortable in situations of change and I like the fact that I am constantly learning. I have learnt many things during this period, but I would highlight the following:

The working method, which is multidisciplinary. Several departments can play a part in the same process and I like the efficiency and good coordination that is involved in this. I would also highlight the working tools: I have learnt how to use new management applications and review tools.

And finally, participation in projects with the client, through which you can gain a better idea of their needs and take part in a HR process.

N: I joined Rosclar at the beginning of February this year, but I feel my life has changed completely in just 9 months.

I’ve learnt that you can’t be afraid of change, that something unfamiliar can be very frightening, but you can’t live your life in fear.

Changing your job in the middle of a pandemic may turn out badly, sure. But what if it turns out well? I’ve also realised that learning and training never end: at every level and in every profession, you never stop learning from everyone and from every type of situation. And the best way to learn is to be humble and to immerse yourself in all the people around you, taking part in projects and getting involved in challenging situations.

And, of course, I’ve also learnt to use new programmes and to work with new processes and criteria, but above all, with new ways of organising, monitoring and distributing the day to day work.


What do you value most about your current job?


J: Without doubt, the relationship I have with my colleagues and the working atmosphere.

At Rosclar, there are some very good professionals and some excellent people; it’s easy to share knowledge and experiences, and the way work is organised enables us to help each other at all times.

On the other hand, I also place a high value on the investment in technology and the improvement of processes; many recurring processes are automated, adding value in many aspects, and when a project or process is delivered, the client is clearly satisfied.

N: I’m confident in my work, because I’m accompanied by some great professionals. I form part of a well-prepared team and I feel valued as a professional. It’s a very open company, in which everything is discussed and communicated. You feel that you’re part of a company with core human values and that everyone’s opinion is important when decisions are taken.

The tools that have been developed internally are amazing, and they enable us to work meticulously and with minimal error. This ensures high-quality deliverables that are always adapted and personalised to the client.


Are there many differences in comparison with your previous job? What differences would you highlight?


J: Yes, my present job is very different from my previous professional experiences, especially my last one: I formed part of the HR department in a large multinational consultancy firm. At Rosclar, I’d highlight the good internal relationships, the close professional relationships with clients, the working method, standard and automatic processes, the teamwork, the coordination with other departments and the excellent organisation.

N: When I started to work at Rosclar, my family, who have always lived and worked in the country, asked me this same question. And I tried to answer them with an example that was easy to understand: “You can plough a field with a donkey and a plough at the height of summer when the temperature is 40 degrees, or you can do this with the very latest tractor that is air conditioned.

Working at Rosclar is like “ploughing a field with the very latest air conditioned tractor,” since you have the tools and systems that make your everyday work easy, guaranteeing exceptional quality, and at the same time you feel comfortable, supported and well accompanied.

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