Customized GL file helps links between HR vs finance

One of the most relevant points on payroll management is the subsequent reflection of the salary cost and payments in the entity accountancy. This step is key for the good practices and right functioning of the company. However, this transaction not always have the corresponding attention and care as deserves, so it is usually creates misalignments between HR and Finance department.

Obviously this none desired scenario was detected by Rosclar several years ago, and developed the capability to customize the GL File.

We all understand that it is not normal that HR experts are capable to set up or post correctly GL needs. Therefore at Rosclar developed this capability, bringing control, checking’s, automatization and even more customization so any single client that wished could have a direct link between HR calculations and GL bookings. Making feasible to deliver in the format, structure, headers and split of cost centers or profits centers than any client may wish. So far we have developed more than 300 different formats and precision, making a reality our commitment, “we treat each client as unique”.

The objective in this case is create a general ledger (GL) that contains all the payroll information that have to be booked in finance side. This file is always generated at the same time with payroll files, so HR can be ensuring to Finance that the same values considered on HR are delivered to Finance without deviations o misalignments on time. So, here we have the first improvement, especially for those entities that have the pressure to have monthly closing prior month end. But Rosclar is able of more, we have developed the capability to create GL of differences, so when the month is over and we have final files, we can tell to our clients which are the missing booking and this can be provided with precision to succeed in any AUDIT process, as we are capable to deliver, first version GL, final version GL, difference GL, so always client has control and evidences. This safe time and grants smiles to the organization avoiding the never ending reconciliation when mismatches occur.

Our experience on development and customization of GL files, would suggest to always involving in the development phase both departments. It is a short period, but each department understand the role, the elements and the workflow to move save and fine ever after.

The GL file customization brings, surprisingly, an HR vs Finance consideration, creating in this way a collaboration between departments, where sometimes there is a lack of communication. It is amazing how the management of the same GL file by both departments activate the generosity between them. For example, in case that there are some finance decisions that affects payroll will be communicate to HR with greater advance in order to guarantee the good performance of the GL file and vice versa. Third goal, enhanced communication.

As we mention at the beginning when we implement a new client the accountancy step is not usually considered as a part of the payroll process. However, after clients has a Rosclar experience, they recognize that something that usually were not even considering but that was creating many internal issues. Nowadays, is a good experience and it has become in a key point of the payroll process. Hence, we are able to conclude that after years of deploying and delivering the GL file to our clients, we are sure that these are some of the reasons why HR and Finance are about to fall in love.

We do not rule out that if we speak with each of our clients, more reasons would appear!


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