Payroll management in Spain for an international company. Confidence, communication, technology and legal environment

Through the following post, we want to share the four main axes that according to our experience with numerous international firms that are implanted in Spain (more than 1000 in the last 13 years), need at the time of selecting a provider for the payroll management for their professionals and job counselling for their managers.

  • Knowledge of the legal environment. Spain has a legal framework in the work environment that requires constant updating and permanent knowledge within an advisory firm, not only in terms of contracting and estimating salary costs, but also in helping to optimize the salary costs in accordance with professional and manager profiles.
  • Confidence. Even though many firms that are established in our country have the advice of consulting firms in their own mother country, we are detecting that international firms that are implanted in Spain are looking for local firms with a structure that allows them to have a professional, technical and structuralsolvencysimilar to that offered from Rosclar with more than 45 professionals.
  • Communication. Another need expressed by the international clients that are implanted in Spain is the need to adapt information and reporting models to those of their parent company. Sometimes the lack of administrative structure causes customers to delegate to our firm the preparation of information and reporting models in accordance with the requirements established by the headquarters.
  • Technology. No one can deny that we are in a moment of digital transformation that involves the management of information for both the process management, the integration of data and communication with users. From Rosclar we wanted to take a step forward in the processes of digital transformation, establishing internal protocols that allow to control the information received, the management of the payroll process, the detection of errors and assurance of the total quality of the payroll process for our clients.With more than 10,000 monthly payrolls, Rosclar has become one of the reference firms for any company that needs a trusted partner, technologically advanced, knowledgeable about the Spanish legal environment and with a technology that allows the integration of operational decision-making information with the international matrix.If you want more details about our service model for international companies that are implanted in Spain, we remain at your disposal.Eduard Vinyeta
    CEO Rosclar – Payroll and Tax services


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