Payroll innovation focusing on our client’s needs

Rosclar wishes to share with the payroll market its own vision and customer service approach.

First of all it is important to take into account the need to distinguish between our clients’ wishes and our clients’ needs. It is fitting to comment that any client wishes to have full regulatory compliance and that’s part of our job because we provide our assistance to make sure that we follow their wishes and that we comply with all the regulations.

But we also need to bear in mind that it is important to make a distinction between NEED and WISH. We all may have thought that our duty is accomplished if we take good care of our clients’ wishes, and that’s quite a fact but, it is key to mention how crucial it is to take in consideration their NEEDS can take our relationship with the client to the next level.

When we talk about NEEDS we try to find out all our client’s unknown wishes. Over the years we are proud to say that Rosclar has achieved an extensive knowledge of our clients’ needs which has helped us suggest suitable solutions for every particular case.

We are saying this not because it sounds nice, but because from our real experience over serving more than 1000 clients, when this situation happens, both partnership sides feel useful and happy, and it turns out to be a lovely relationship instead of just a professional service delivery.

The immediate consequence of this interaction happens to increase the confidence and commitment levels. The happiness in every day performance appears and, as we all know, this generates an enrichment for both sides of the relationship.

Rosclar is proud to share with our clients this way of performing, always being strong on payroll pillars such as quality, consistency, effectiveness, timeliness and responsiveness, so we can say that our clients can rely on a great payroll partner that enables them to focus on the next level of HR.

Rosclar can say loud and clear that treats each client as a unique one, making them feel that Rosclar is an extension of their payroll team.

We want to be partners, not only providers, and for that reason, our aim is to put ourselves in your shoes to get to understand each and every single of your concerns and needs.

With this culture, build out of trust, payroll quality and continuous improvement, Rosclar clients get the reassurance that their payroll management is in good hands and that each single year they will be better and better on their payroll performance.

You will never work alone, with Rosclar at your side.


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