Set Up Company in Spain

Rosclar is here to help you setting up your company in Spain.
We may start distinguishing the different types of entities to be set up:

  • You might wish to set up a subsidiary of a mother company located in another country
  • You might wish to set up a branch
  • You might need a representative office just for payroll purposes

You might wish to set up your entity in Spain as you would like to do business

from here.

We can help you in any of these situations mentioned above.

An important aspect in all these processes is to make sure that all the affected entities and people in the set-up process are duly identified with an Spanish identity number (usually called NIE). So, either shareholders or signing people, must be in possession of this number.

Rosclar will help you to get a NIE, even making it feasible without the need to travel. This step should be the easiest as this number is given to anyone but unfortunately, the Spanish public offices that grant this identity numbers are absolutely collapsed, and it takes a little while to get through the process.

Once this step is taken, the rest should be a walk in the park. Rosclar will help with:

  • Your company name
  • The opening of a bank account
  • Prepare the articles of association
  • Spanish domicile requirement for any entity. In case of not having it we will helpyou to cover that need.
  • Deed of constitution
  • Registration of the company
  • And Statutory Registrations on the Tax and SS agency if needed.

As may be seen, we offer an end to end service, where all the middle costs are included in the agreed fee. We don’t have hidden costs, no surprises. From the beginning we know where we are and where we are going to 😊 and from that very first moment we support our clients in their ongoing needs. Whether our client needs payroll, tax or accounting advice, we will help them out in any case.

We want to be your partner, not your service provider 😊. It is much more, because we do it for people, with people, and those people are the most important asset in the world.

You will never work alone, with Rosclar at your side.


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