Do you wish to be a boss or a leader?

Indeed we are facing an unknown and amazing scenario. All of us, from the first to the last employee of the organization is expose, is visible, and is naked. It is now when each one of us can show what sort of TRUTH is behind the scenes.

We must not lose the focus. Organization to survive need profit, but profit can be 5M or >1, and that´s when comes the challenge to be a boss or a leader.

I would like to share my experience over the last 2 months, where we have been able to see this difference in detail.

Boss, is a correct person, wishing to achieve the goals, but might have the temptation and evenfall into it, to prevent profit over the team.

Leaders instead, will see the overall picture, will have no fear to talk to shareholders and say this year profit has been low (always talking about profit), but the truth of that drop down in results has become an amazing opportunity for the company, as:

• Team has survive
• We have activate the lowest damages to our team, preventing them from a surviving issue
• We have the company ready to go, with all the knowledge in the organization

Leader will end up this year willing to be with a >1 result but with the team ready to overtake the future with passion, commitment and thankful for being in an organization that has not ripen its values for a year of results.

Would love to be driven by a leader in this outstanding situation.


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