Interview with the Implementation Team

Implementation team

“The ideal client is one who trusts our work”

At Rosclar, we have very specific workflows to guarantee the success of every project. From the Production and the Social Security departments through to the R&D department, among others, all our payroll specialist teams work to ensure our clients are satisfied.

In today’s post, we talk to Cristina Cervera, Ana Bernabeu and Eila Amat, who outline what their work in the Implementation department involves.

Can you tell us what the implementation team does?

Implementation is the client’s gateway to Rosclar. It is vital to make a good first impression in order to earn their trust from the outset.

During the first call with the client, we establish dates for the different implementation phases: Welcome, Collection, Migration, Test run, and Go live.

Once we start receiving the documents and the information requested of the client, we begin the construction phase of a solid database that will be the foundation for future calculations.

One invisible part of our work is the continuous training given to clients to help them with the complexity of Spanish payroll and the constant regulatory changes.

How do you organize yourselves in your team? Do you work on projects together, or does each person handle a particular project?

Currently, each project is assigned to an implementer, although in most cases the key factor is the number of employees in the company to be implemented. With small companies, we try to assign fewer resources, whereas with large companies, we try to work more as a team.

In any case, due to the need to cover for each other during holiday periods or unforeseen circumstances, we must all be up to date with each client’s situation, and this means we have to work as a team.

Cristina, you were on the Production team before Implementation. Does this experience help you perform your job better?

Yes, it certainly does. Thanks to this experience, I am much more aware of the needs of my production colleagues. Therefore, I try to improve the processes to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Is there any team that you work more closely with?

The first two teams we usually interact with are Social Security (to parameterize all issues related to contributions) and Administration (to facilitate billing data and establish recurring and additional services).

Interaction with production teams only occurs after the implementation phase has been completed. Once the company is rebuilt, and all the processes are clear, one of my production colleagues, specifically from the team we call the Incubator, is assigned to manage payrolls during the first year and to tie up any loose ends.

Ana, how important is the relationship with the client for a project’s implementation to be successful?

Extremely important. In fact, we must try and build a relationship with open and easy communication in order to establish a relationship of mutual trust.

For a successful implementation, it is essential to ask key questions about the company’s operation during the initial calls and obtain specific and clear answers from the client. This will help the implementation develop more successfully. Client involvement is essential.

What is the ideal client like?

The ideal client is one who trusts our work and has some payroll knowledge, although this knowledge does not need to be very technical or specific.

We also appreciate it when our contact is organized and efficient in providing documentation and information.

Eila, why do you think the work of a payroll specialist is so important for the smooth operation of a company?

Above all, for two basic reasons:

First, so that employees receive their salary correctly, and second, to ensure that the company complies with its employment and tax obligations.

Can you tell us about a success story?

(Cristina) In my experience, an implementation can only be successful if there is good coordination between the client and ourselves, and if the client places their trust in us from the outset.

Fortunately, most of the implementations we have carried out have been successful, although personally, I am particularly proud of those implementations that require highly specific knowledge due to the complexity of the payrolls dealt with.

Eila and Ana, you joined the Rosclar team quite recently. What would you highlight about your experience?

Without a doubt, the warm welcome we received from all our colleagues, and their efforts to make us feel at home in the “Rosclar world”.

We recognize that the technological advancements and constant improvements can appear daunting at first, but investing time in adapting to these processes definitely pays off and is reflected in work of the highest quality.

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