What can a Payroll Specialist in Spain do for you?

Payroll Specialist in Spain

Delegating the payroll service to a trusted Partner with a payroll specialist in Spain in their team gives you peace of mind and the confidence that, from now on, payroll will always be on time and correctly processed. What’s more, complying with the human resources laws in Spain can be a complex task, since you need to be up to date with all the latest legislative developments and to have specific knowledge in this area, so your best option is to rely on a payroll specialist

In this article we outlined what qualities a Payroll Specialist should have, but now we would like to show you everything that this important figure can do for you.

The payroll specialist and the different stages of payroll in Spain

A payroll specialist in Spain, together with their team, will take care of your employees’ payroll from the outset, paying the greatest attention to each of the different stages, in order to ensure a service of the highest quality. 

First, there is the Input stage, in which the specialist will receive and analyse all the information, taking account of all the special characteristics of the payroll in Spain (new hires, terminations and contractual modifications, employees on sick leave, absences, variable remuneration to be paid, benefits in kind and flexible remuneration, Stocks and special remuneration plans, changes in the family situation and the details of employees, and implications for tax and Social Security contributions).

Once the input has been processed, we come to the calculation stage, in which the first step will be to make an adjustment of the income tax (IRPF), analysing whether the correct tax is being paid for each employee. Once again, a key role will be played by the payroll specialist in Spain and their tax consultancy team, who are experts in all tax-related matters in this country.

To ensure that there are no errors, once the Input has been processed, the payroll specialist will move on to the Check stage. This is when the calculation made is validated, including, as a minimum, the following basic checks: Gross sums applied, variable sums declared, and events included that are mentioned in the input, such as sickness benefits…, review of net payments, validation of the accounting file, tax and contribution limits, and a check of the bases.

A good payroll specialist knows that their work does not end here, and so in many cases, depending on the complexity of the payroll to be processed, additional checks will be made to ensure the quality of the data, such as Pension plan limits and 7p, irregular IRPF tax bases, severance pay, provisions for extra/holiday payments, flexible remuneration, taxation of Stock options and RSUs, attachment of earnings orders and advances, application of the collective agreement, restructuring of the items applicable to payroll, and the list goes on…

Once the payroll specialist and their team have made all the relevant checks, the time has come for Reporting. This is one of the most important value added services we provide. ? It is vital for our clients to receive useful reports which are easy to understand. We have worked very hard to achieve this and our client deliverables have been given a 5-star rating! Deliverables with documentary evidence of the payroll calculated, as well as the payslips which employees receive either by mail or through the employee portal. These are given a final check to ensure that all the information provided in the input is duly reflected in the output.

The Rosclar team is excellent! They guided me step
by step to configure our new employees and the payroll
for the month. And most importantly, our employees
were satisfied because their salary was correct!
I also liked the various payroll reports that we received.
Thanks to you, your…

Stephen B. Thompson | Vice President Finance | Abeona Therapeutics Inc

But the tasks do not end here. There is still a little work for the payroll specialist in Spain to ensure your peace of mind. ? This is the moment to process the bank remittances for payment of net sums to employees, and in accordance with the instructions or requirements of the client, to manage requests for provision of funds, control of funds and third party payroll payments, such as taxes, social security and other administrative obligations. 

Finally, we come to the closure stage. However, a good payroll specialist knows that they must remain alert, in order to act swiftly and guarantee excellence. For it is customary for pay day to fall before the last day of the month, and in that lapse of time “things continue to occur” which affect payroll, and by law these must be declared in the month in which they occur, or the client may want to include new variables in the payroll. In this case, the process described earlier is repeated in its entirety, and the client will receive a new package of evidence which includes the payroll aligned with all the events that have occurred, so that it is 100% compliant with the final photo of the payroll period, which will also be aligned with the taxes and contributions presented and paid.

Should you have any remaining doubts, we will be delighted to advise you and show you all that we can do for you. You can rely on our service from start to finish, as we assist you with the simplest and the most complex payroll scenarios. This is why most of the best-known companies around the world rely on us to handle their payroll needs in Spain.

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