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david rodríguez

David Rodríguez

“Our mission can be none other than to constantly improve the quality of our service”

David Rodríguez was about to join one of the Big Four, but he followed his instincts and chose Rosclar. He was not mistaken. Over the course of all these years, he has grown both personally and professionally.

He timidly ventures to describe himself as “honest, committed and good-natured”. And when he is asked about the time he has spent in the various departments of the company, he only has words of gratitude for colleagues such as Dolors Segura and Ester Sánchez.

You arrived at Rosclar nearly 8 years ago, landing in the Social Security department, and after a few years you became one of the team leaders. What does the work that you do (or did) in this department involve?

The Social Security Department is responsible for the integrated management of all Social Security procedures that concern both the company (obtaining a contribution account number, registration of work centres, ERTEs [temporary layoffs], debt management, retirement…) and the employee (registration with the system, deregistration, changes, medical reports…). In addition to this, the department is responsible for all matters related with the SEPE (Public Service for Employment).

Just to give you an idea of how much we have grown, when I arrived in 2013 there were only 2 of us (my colleague Carlos Orden and myself), and by the time I left the department there were 7 of us. I have some very good memories of that whole period and I will never forget the colleagues I had there.

You have also been head of the Implementation department and head of the Accelerator team. Can you also tell us what these departments do?

In September 2018, I was promoted to Implementation, where clients are welcomed to Rosclar. This welcome consists in collecting data about the company and its employees. All this information is then entered into our systems and adapted so we can prepare the “test run” and get ready to “go live” as agreed.

During the first three months of management after “going live”, the payroll process is also managed from the Implementation department, in order to sort out any loose ends and formalise the established criteria.

In January 2020, I took over the leadership of the Accelerator department with Arantxa Lucas. This department puts the finishing touches to adapting the payroll procedures and managing the input/output of the clients that come from Implementation over a period of 12 months. In this way, the client and the Rosclar team link up to perfection and the quality of the service we provide is unbeatable.  

At present, you are providing support to the Social Security team with the CheckOut and FIE projects. Can you tell us what these involve?

Right now, these are the two large projects we are working on. The FIE file is a file that Social Security sends us every day containing a comprehensive record of the sick leave taken by all our clients’ employees. The tool that we are developing analyses this information and compares it with the information we have in our database. We generate a file with the information we didn’t have and with the data that shows discrepancies, so that the payroll experts can apply this to the payroll together with the information that is updated on a daily basis.  

The other large project, CheckOut, is a tool that audits the calculations made, comparing these with Social Security’s database, so that the output information is as accurate as possible. 

And what does your day-to-day work consist of?

Right now, all my efforts are focused on improving these two tools and making my colleagues’ work easier. These are two very powerful tools which ensure a service of a very high quality thanks to the technology at Rosclar’s disposal. Our mission can be none other than to constantly improve the quality of our service, and we are moving in the right direction in this respect.

If you could go back in time, what would you say to David Rodríguez on his first day at Rosclar?

In October 2013, when I was offered a position at Rosclar, I also received an offer from one of the Big Four. I gave it a lot of thought and then I chose Rosclar. 8 years on, I would say “David, you made the right decision.” Rosclar is one big family, with some top professionals; although it may sound clichéd, they are a terrific bunch of people, and together we are capable of anything. 

What do you like most about your work?

Being able to help my colleagues by making their work a little easier. This is an undertaking that requires hard work and immense perseverance, but the rewards are gratifying. Hearing a colleague say “thank you” is priceless!

What has the pandemic taught you with respect to work?

For a company like Rosclar, the pandemic caused by the Sars-Cov-2 virus presented a major challenge. It has been really tough not to be able to share the office with all your colleagues and to spend 3 months at home struggling to process the ERTEs day after day.

The way that the authorities have managed things has left a lot to be desired, with laws that have not been very clear or concise and systems unprepared for what has occurred. There has been an overwhelming feeling of impotence, because first and foremost we have not been able to provide the service we would have liked to provide.

Nevertheless, I would highlight the fantastic work performed by all the teams at Rosclar; we have managed to overcome everything and now we are stronger than ever.

Looking back on your years at Rosclar, can you identify three moments that stand out?

The first would be adapting to the new “Siltra” Social Security contributions system: in February 2016, Rosclar joined the new Social Security payments system and this was a complete change in the way we work. It was a genuine challenge, but through the hard work of the whole team the goals set were achieved.

Another memorable achievement has been managing the ERTEs during the pandemic. This has been a very difficult process. In spite of all the setbacks they faced, the entire team made a superhuman effort to deal with the situation and move forward. Perhaps this has been the outstanding achievement in my eyes, and I am truly satisfied by the response of each and every one of my colleagues.

Finally, something not so directly related with work… I would like to mention the various friendships I have made within the company. My co-workers have evolved from being colleagues to people I would call my friends. My heartfelt thanks go out to all of them!

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