ROSCLAR team interview | Claudia Segura

claudia segura

Organized, responsible and hard-working. This is how Claudia Segura, a lawyer who has been at Rosclar for nearly 3 years, describes herself. We are chatting with her today to get to know her a little better.

How long have you been working at Rosclar?

I started here in October 2019 on an internship for my Master’s Degree in Access to the Legal Profession, and then in June 2020 I began working as an employment lawyer.

What was your first day like and what was your initial impression?

My first day at Rosclar was very positive. In spite of some first-day nerves that you always have when you start a new job, and I am a little shy, my colleagues at Rosclar made me feel like one of the team right from the outset. You can feel the good atmosphere and the comradeship here immediately, and so after the first day I went home feeling calm and satisfied.

What does your day-to-day work involve?

My day-to-day work consists in solving both internal and external enquiries about the interpretation of Spanish employment law, writing letters of dismissal and/or suspension, and drawing up employment contracts, in addition to other legal documents, such as claims for example. Since last year, I have also been responsible for preparing and analysing salary records of different clients.

What do clients ask you for most?

It is difficult to be specific, but this could be classified into three sets of tasks. The first would be when the client begins an employment relationship. They are going to need employment contracts, remote working agreements, identification of the correct professional group, etc.

Secondly, I help them with everything they need in the course of this employment relationship. This means giving them advice on remote working or digital disconnection policies, salary records, letters of suspension, etc.

And the final set of tasks is required when this employment relationship comes to an end. This is when I will draw up letters of dismissal and conciliation papers, and provide assistance with conciliation and/or hearings.

What is it you like most about employment law?

What I really like is becoming familiar with and understanding the complexity of employment relations and all their intricate features, including the obligations and rights of both workers and companies. Ultimately, specialising in this branch of law gives me an insight into the reality of the Spanish employment market and all its characteristics.

What do you like most about your work?

Of the services we offer from Rosclar’s Legal Department, what I like most are the letters of dismissal, the claims and the contracts or contract annexes. In short, preparing and drawing up employment and legal documents that require great attention to detail.

Tell us about one success you are proud of…

All the research we have had to do to complete the salary records correctly. But above all, I feel particularly proud of the professionalism and dedication shown by the Legal Department during the first few months of the pandemic, when our clients needed support and help in understanding the situation.

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