What is a payroll specialist?

payroll specialist

If you’ve heard frequent mention of the term “payroll specialist” recently, in this post we will explain the role played by this professional in the company and the functions they perform.

Here at Rosclar, we are specialists in payroll, that is to say, specialists in the salary payment process. Managing payroll in a company is a complicated and complex process.

In order to correctly manage and prepare the salaries, it is necessary to monitor changes in the law that may affect their calculation and results. The need to adapt to new developments in employment regulations demands the presence of an expert in labour relations who can handle all aspects related with the management of working relationships within a company. This work is carried out by a payroll specialist.

Functions of the Payroll Specialist

The payroll specialist is responsible for the following functions:

● They must have a detailed knowledge of the current legislation and be up to date with possible changes and updates.
● They compile the necessary information about the workers in a company. In other words, they take account of what type of contract they have, the agreement by which they are covered, their working hours and other conditions to which they may have to adhere. In this way, the payroll specialist can calculate their salary, prepare it and organise all the documentation that has to be presented to the Social Security administration and to Agencia Tributaria (the Spanish tax authority), in accordance with the existing employment regulations.
● They also calculate the workers’ benefits and compensation.
● They advise the company with a view to optimising the organisation of labour relations between management and workers, so that both may obtain the maximum benefit.

What qualities should a payroll specialist have?

The Human Resources department of a company manages the labour relations between workers and management to ensure that these are as cordial as possible.

This management includes the coordination of various competencies that often tend to be complex.

Thus, payroll management in companies is a complex task. At Rosclar, we are aware that through our payroll services we can help you with one of the most valuable assets of your company, your employees. Therefore, our payroll specialists have the following skills:

● The capacity for analytical thought.
● Excellent planning and organisation, so they can prioritise and establish a strategy for action, while optimising resources at the same time.
● The ability to work in a team: not only with other colleagues, but also with the client. Empathy and attention to detail improve working synergies.
● The desire to improve and a critical spirit.

At Rosclar, we offer a personalised service. Rosclar’s experience in the sector and a comprehensive knowledge of the needs of each of our clients set us apart from our competitors.

You can rely on us from start to finish, as we assist you with the simplest and the most complex payroll scenarios. This is why most of the best-known companies around the world rely on us to handle their payroll needs in Spain. We provide the very best payroll service.

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