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“I think the biggest challenge in our section is working to improve our processes, so that we may achieve the highest level of efficiency possible, while maintaining the quality that defines us.“
Eduard Rodrigo

Eduard Rodrigo is an SS specialist in Rosclar’s Social Security department. Edu combined the final stage of his university studies with a job in the telemarketing sector, where he received training in various areas of operations management, and he ended up specialising in analysis, forecasts and workforce sizing.

He has also told us he is very much at home in the kitchen, where he likes to make foams and hot jellies by means of esterification processes.

But let’s find out about his life at Rosclar.

When and how did you begin to work at ROSCLAR?

I began to work at Rosclar at the beginning of 2022. A good friend told me that the company was looking for a new team member, and he thought I fitted the profile they wanted. So I sent them my CV and they immediately contacted me for an interview. I really liked the project and from the outset everything went very smoothly.

What does being a Social Security Specialist involve? / What is your speciality?

The tasks of the Social Security team, within the organisational structure of Rosclar, involve informing the Social Security administration of the status of workers (registrations, deregistrations, changes of working hours), the preparation of employment contracts, communication with SEPE (the Spanish State Employment Service), and other administrative tasks connected with Social Security.

Our team is also responsible for informing Social Security of TIs (cases of temporary incapacity for work). This is one of the areas in which I have specialised since my arrival, during which time there have been some big changes in the way it is managed.

What are the biggest challenges of your profession?

I think the biggest challenge in our section is working to improve our processes, so that we may achieve the highest level of efficiency possible, while maintaining the quality that defines us. Tell us a little bit about the change in the law with regard to communicating TIs.

The changes introduced in the communication of TIs have several ramifications. Workers are no longer obliged to inform their company of temporary incapacity for work by presenting them with the medical certificates in paper form; Social Security is now responsible for communicating the TIs to the companies through digital media (SILTRA and RED System). In this way, the channels through which the information used to arrive have been streamlined.

Furthermore, management of the process has been simplified, since it is no longer obligatory to communicate deregistration and registration confirmations using the RED System; the only communication required is of the financial data relating to the Regulatory Bases of the TIs, of which we have previously been informed by means of the files.

How has Rosclar reacted to this change?

Before these changes came into force, here at Rosclar we were working on a project to integrate the TIs into our database, and so from the outset we were aware of the importance of processing this data. We have generated a process to compile all the information relating to the TIs that Social Security sends us through the FIE file and include this in a database that is kept up to date and available to the technicians.

We also have several types of report with all the information relating to the TIs which we make available to the companies that request this.

In your opinion, how should SS make management of the process easier?

I think it was an essential step to adapt the Temporary Incapacity process to the technologies of the 21st century. The next step needed is for the information to arrive more quickly. At the moment, it takes between 48 and 72 hours to arrive, and in today’s world immediacy is essential.

What do you value most about working in a company like ROSCLAR?

One of the things I liked about Rosclar from the very beginning is the desire to excel and the pursuit of excellence. After more than a year at the company, I would highlight the level of cooperation between the different teams and also the different sections. I think the combined efforts of everyone are vital, if we are to achieve our objectives and offer our clients the very best experience.

Do you have any advice for companies that need a payroll service?

It is difficult for me to be impartial, but I would encourage them to put their trust in Rosclar. We are a great team, with considerable experience

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